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    Fairtrade Wood

    Fairtrade wood is processed wood that is retrieved from its original application for purposes of subsequent use. Most of our reclaimed wood comes from timber and decking rescued from old barns, factories and warehouses. As soon as our reclaimed wood (reclaimed is recycled, reused and rediscovered) is stripped and cleaned from sand and dirt, it can be processed with the well-known brilliant results as a consequence.
    Old Dutch Specials designs and produces sustainable products based on reclaimed / recycled ancient oak, pine and chestnut wood from European and Russian sources. As reclaimed material is so popular, it is becoming more difficult to get. As a result of that some companies try to sell new/fresh wood as old and reclaimed wood.

    All the wood we use is carefully selected on colour and structure, distinguishing between the top, bottom and middle of the wood. For each project, the matching structures and patina are recorded and aligned with the production. Every floor is authentic and different; there are no two floors the same.

    In our production hardly any wood is lost or spilled. Depending on the art of the shelves and beams, a solid or 2-layer parquet (with knife and groove) is made, unique parquet tiles, wall coverings, ceiling coverings and in special cases furniture such as tables, closet doors for kitchen cabinets, staircases, etc.

    It is also common (although not necessarily done intentionally) for entities to be misidentified because it is difficult to tell the difference in older material unless it is cut open and examined. Professionals in the field and established reclaimed wood enterprises do not have difficulty identifying the species. That is why we are able to provide a certificate of origin for our reclaimed products.

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