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    An impression of the brilliant results we can realise with reclaimed wood, you will find on these pages. Not only can we offer special flooring based on reclaimed wood. We can also offer another exclusive and special flooring: parquet that is extra wide (up to 45 cm wide) and extra-long (max 4.50 mtrs) from our partner Grato.

    The collections of Old Dutch Specials are:

    Reclaimed original



    Shrunk Face


    The XXL format is parquet especially for large spaces and the most exclusive projects. The wood, coming from trees of greater size and age, that contain the beauty of centuries and exhibit their own personality. This special and exclusive series parquet is made by our partner Grato. The XXL series consists of planks up to 45 cm wide and 4,50 meters long. The XL series have a wide of max. 29 cm and a length of 2,90 meters.

    No two situations are the same. That also counts for our wood. Every lot of wood has a different background, quantity, quality, etc. That is why every floor will be unique!

    Contact us to get the right answer for your project or question.

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